Triffic Tues

11 Aug

So wedding plans are afoot. A cake has been ordered. The cake toppers are winging their way across the Atlantic. The bridesmaid dresses has been bought which has been the biggest source of tension so far. I very much wanted the girls to have dresses they would wear again but it’s hard finding something to suit a 12, 16 and 29 year old. So I had decided it didn’t have to be matchy matchy but that was still hard as then their personal choices were just too different. But yesterday it all worked out lovely.  Woo Hoo!

Now I’m just trying to get  hold of the wedding coordinator at the hotel to change one of our menu choices. I was pleased when she gave me her email to send her updates but I emailed her a week ago and have had no response. I tried to phone her and it rang out. I tried to call her via switchboard and it rang out – what’s with the lack of  answermachine? Anyway, the main reason is I want to send my invitations out this weekend and with the day invites goes a menu card which guests make their choice. So I need to confirm the choices with the hotel.

I just realised I haven’t blogged about passing my driving test! Yes that happened on 2nd of June. Then we had to get a new car as the insurers wouldn’t insure me on Smurf’s MX5. Driving makes life easier it has to be said although I’m need to practise parking. It’s probably just as well I didn’t need to parallel park on my test….

The holidays are finishing soon so I need to show face at work to get everything ready for the new term. Lots of  laminating will be required and good music to get momentum going for tidying and organising. Being able to drive makes getting to and from work more relaxing cos I don’t need to share my space and can go any route I feel like. 🙂


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